Small pile of silver screws



What Is It?

Thread whirling is a process in which cutters that are mounted to the inside of a ring are rotated while the material being thread whirled is fed through. The material will then be threaded with spirals and ready for use. All metals and some materials in pre-hardened condition can be thread whirled.

Who Needs It?

Almost every industry needs products that are thread whirled. From manufacturers in the aerospace industry to manufacturers in the optic industry, almost every industry benefits from thread whirling technology.

Why Thread Whirling?

No matter what industry you’re in, odds are you need specially made tools to complete your products. Whether you need a specifically threaded screw for small electronics or a threaded pipe for plumbing, thread whirling can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Where Can I Get It Done?

We offer thread whirling tools for your convenience. Our tools allow you to complete your projects in your own factory and eliminate the wait time and potential confusion on orders. Having represented the Madaula S.A. product line in North American for over 20 years, we offer only the highest quality products.

Need a different tool? Browse our products here! If we don’t have what you need, contact us with your special order and we’ll work to find the solution for you!