Multispindle Heads

Multispindle heads are available with either standard ER-Collet System output spindles, or optionally are available with MODULAR CONNECTION output spindles.

Speeder Heads

Euro-Technics, Inc. has represented the Madaula line of precision tooling products in North America for over 15 years, building on the experience of the Madaula factory, and bringing engineered solutions to customers to the North American industry leaders.

Special Design

Please contact us with your special requirements let us try to find a solution to your demanding requirements.

Thread Whirling

Madaula S.A. manufactures thread whirling attachments for all popular single spindle Swiss style CNC machines (such as Citizen, Tornos, Star, Hanwha).

Large Angle Heads

Madaula S.A. has been contracted to design and produce many variations of large, flange mount angle heads for OEM, Machine Distributor and End Users alike. The common theme is matching the machine to the application.